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Jan 1About to crash
Jan 5Alternate static air
Jan 8Chicken Wings Classic – Re-establishing authority
Jan 12Flying is safer than driving
Jan 15My friends call me Chuck
Jan 19All-nighter
Jan 22Modern communication
Jan 26Oil temp going up
Jan 29Unexpected questions
Feb 2Troubleshooting
Feb 5Specialist literature
Feb 9Extended preflight checklist
Feb 12Airport Madness 4
Feb 16Pilot speak
Feb 19Chicken Wings Classic – Last known position
Feb 23Wonders of technology
Feb 26Pro-sealing the wing root
Mar 1Chuck having his hands full at HAI
Mar 4Unburdening
Mar 8Good decisions while flying
Mar 11Avgas barrels
Mar 15Fire drill
Mar 18Moody Hans
Mar 22Stuck elevator
Mar 25Rise and shine!
Mar 29Random drug test
Apr 1An awesome week ahead
Apr 5Usual level of productivity
Apr 8How about some coffee?
Apr 12Coffee tutorial
Apr 15The one that got away
Apr 19Chuck’s Aircraft Tools
Apr 22Chicken Wings Classic – Mouse in the cockpit
Apr 26Chicken Wings Classic – Cat Scan
Apr 29Flying formation with Nobu
May 3Speaker announcement
May 6Chuck being delayed
May 10Something healthy
May 13Did you do the thing?
May 17Long airport security line
May 20Waaaa!
May 24Spider in the cockpit
May 27A reclusive brown widow
May 31Why is the GPS turned off?
Jun 3Carbonated radio traffic
Jun 7Don’t you have your own hangar?
Jun 10Chuck’s Hangar/Mancave
Jun 14Selfie stick
Jun 17Selfie Stick II
Jun 21Meeting Air Traffic Controllers
Jun 24Chuck’s latest Survival Tool
Jun 28Guzzling Electricity
Jul 1Keeping up the productivity
Jul 5Coffee options
Jul 8Chicken Wings Classic – Going to an airshow
Jul 12Cut the red wire
Jul 15Hans can’t remember
Jul 19Signs of addiction
Jul 22Are you happy?
Jul 26Did you do any drugs today?
Jul 29The classic signs
Aug 2Streak of bad landings
Aug 5Are you an air traffic controller?
Aug 9Climb, confess, communicate!
Aug 12Watching the Olympics
Aug 16Pilot fatigue
Aug 19Print that receipt
Aug 23A Skycrane!
Aug 26Chuck’s allergies are acting up
Aug 30You’re late for work!
Sep 2Chicken Wings Classic – Fly as if …
Sep 6Corsair pistons
Sep 9Come in at 10 AM
Sep 13Chuck’s old flight instructor
Sep 16A trail of rivets
Sep 20Who was that screaming?
Sep 23Looks like we’ve got a rat
Sep 27Whiskey compass
Sep 30Rat removal strategy
Oct 5A mean fighting machine
Oct 7Rat showdown
Oct 11Dogfighting
Oct 18Time to go to bed
Oct 21Chicken Wings Classic – Loud outer marker
Oct 25What’s with the costume?
Oct 28Vampire attack!
Nov 1Special skywriting
Nov 4Another screenplay?
Nov 8Pseudonym
Nov 11Still working on the movie script?
Nov 15Pep talk
Nov 18Nobody move!
Nov 22Breaking news!
Nov 25Bubble wrap
Nov 29Fight or flight response
Dec 2An accomplished pilot
Dec 6The snowblower is broken
Dec 9FAA safety posters
Dec 13Mistletoe
Dec 16Oil pan heater
Dec 20No flying today
Dec 23Chuck got lasered
Dec 27Digging the Piper out of the snow
Dec 30Turn that frown upside down!