Fire drill

Back in my younger days, while working for the volunteer fire department, they would put on classes for people in bigger companies who were slated to become the new fire prevention or safety officer. One of my favorite jobs there was to fog out the hallway and stairways right outside the classroom with the machine we had for training while the trainer inside was teaching about fire and safety. Then, when they would break for lunch, the first person to open the door would find nothing but smoke outside where the hallway used to be. They did this to see how people would react to what they think is a real emergency (an ironic one it would seem, having the firehouse on fire). I was always amazed how many of these office workers would completely freak out and panic even though they just spent all morning learning about fires, safety, and what to do in an emergency …

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3 comments on “Fire drill
  1. v says:

    If you want to have a fire drill…
    “When do they pass out the gasoline?”

  2. Joshua says:

    Lol, i remember that.

  3. Keith says:

    I inspect natural gas pipelines and propane systems.

    90% of the fire stations that I’ve inspected have reportable leaks, sometimes GRADE 1 leaks, which are immediate hazards.

    I LOVE going in and telling them “I’d like to report a gas leak . . .HERE!”

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