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I’ve never had a squirrel strike, but I did have two bird strikes when flying helicopters. With both of them I got pretty lucky, … the bird not so much… On one I just grazed the bird with the rotor-tip …

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Whoops, almost forgot to upload the weekly strip! But here you go. I don’t have time or ideas for a blog though… I apologize! (Life is always extra busy before Christmas.) Cheers, Stef

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Even though our comic strips go through so many steps, we still manage to insert the occasional typo, spelling or other mistake. As the one doing the lettering, I admit to being the main culprit, but my brother proof reads …

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Pressure! Pushing down on me. Pushing down on you, no man ask for … you’re welcome for the earworm! I admit, I had to google the lyrics, because this is one of the songs that I like to sing along …

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