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Calling mom

It’s never a bad time to call your mom. Or your dad for that matter. But life can be so hectic sometimes, that we don’t get around to calling all the people we care about and haven’t talked to for

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Another pizza

Ah, the convenience of ordering food. We truly live in wondrous times. Just think about the food variety that was available only 50 years ago and compare it to today. 50 years ago, even pizza was considered exotic. And I

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Perfect time to order a pizza

Now that’s some forward thinking and planning skills demonstrated by Chuck! And don’t you just love it, when you do something like that, time and juggle a few tasks and it all works out smoothly? It usually doesn’t go according

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Why are you ignoring my texts?

I suck at messaging. Some people text with a speed and and effortlessness that it’s amazing. Especially young people. Personally, in most social settings, it makes me feel uncomfortable to be look at my phone, let alone text something back.

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