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Time to go to bed

Well, I’ll be darned! Just a couple of weeks ago, I forgot to post a strip on Tuesday and apologized for it on Wednesday. Now it’s Tuesday again, and I just noticed that I totally spaced out, didn’t post a

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Chuck’s latest Survival Tool

“Think about the planet, man!” This seems to be Chuck’s latest tag line because we see it in a few strips lately. Well, at least he’s trying. Yet it once again looks like he is not quite as good at

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Modern communication

I have days (currently actually) when it’s a little more difficult laughing at this joke of ours then others. On this tour I need to fill out Report A, then scan it with the cam scanner, then email it to

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Bad timing

Whenever you’re working on something, be it a car, plane or other machine, or when you’re cooking or doing repairs in the house, there’s nothing better than having a henchman who’s actively thinking along and ahead, and already has the

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