Abort! Abort!

Okay, I admit, I only know situations like this from driving my car. It must be ten times worse during tense situations like take-off or landing. Fortunately, my wife barely ever gets startled or scared on the passenger’s seat, but if she does, the scare sure is contagious. And ever since becoming a dad, I have grown accustomed to sudden screams or kicks from the backseat. And although those can be really annoying, they don’t startle me anymore, haha.


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4 comments on “Abort! Abort!
  1. Uli says:

    Hahaha … like on one of my opc‘s in the Sim:
    – STOP STOP!
    x- Ok, idle speed brakes, brakes. What’s wrong?.
    – Nope. Sorry. Thought that … uuuhm, never mind…..



  2. ThisGuy says:

    I agree with Nobu here, that’s just unacceptable from a pilot (even if it’s Chuck we’re talking about). He should have known better.

    Also, compliments on the bottom left panel, that’s a well drawn Cherokee.

  3. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    Nice to see the story as viewed by tower staff – they are all too often forgotten, or ignored, or considered irrelevant. They’re not!

    Also nice, the comment about regulations ever growing. Some seem to think that laws and rules are useful against idiocy – now there’s idiocy!

  4. L says:

    Oh man, this brings back an old old memory from my first checkride. (thanks for triggering it)
    As I am rotating on a short-field take off, I hear him cuss “expletive expletive-expletive EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE!!”
    I ask what’s wrong and he says “I dropped my pencil, it is under your swat, can you get it?”
    All I remember is saying very firmly and impolitely “not now, later” as I continued the climb while cleaning up the airplane.
    At the end of the checkride, during debriefing, I apologized for my tone earlier, I explained I was in a critical phase of flight and that took precedence. The DPE just waved his hand and dismissed it and explained that he had “distraction in cockpit handled reasonably” on his DPE checklist.
    Great, it was a test. And I realized that the DPE has a “writing pencil” and a “dropping pencil”. 🤣
    Good ol’ days!

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