Missing personnel

Has this ever happened to you? Is this what they call karma? Or “instant karma”? My personal experience from working in the hangar has been that “looking busy” even though you’re not doing much outweighs “disappearing”. When you disappear, the boss will either keep looking for you, or ask you later where you were and you then have to come up with an explanation. But “looking busy” seems to work 90% percent of the time. That’s almost the equivalent of nine out of ten times.
I hope that none of my former bosses read this, or that there is some sort of statue of limitations on hangar work performance, since it has been years since I worked in a hangar.

Coming to Chuck and Julio’s defense though, Hans showing up in the hangar is usually not a good thing for the pair by almost the same margin of 90%. And again, that has been my personal experience as well. Very seldom did my former bosses come find me in the hangar just to pat me on the shoulder or talk about the weather. 9 out of ten times, it meant more work for me. And who knows, maybe they got lucky?! If this was Hans’s version of a Christmas bonus, they can now claim that they never received it!


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One comment on “Missing personnel
  1. Quill says:

    Your commentary sounds like a job I had about a year ago, very dysfunctional aerospace manufacturer who shall remain nameless. I got a job there as an assembly technician, but in the department I was in there was literally nothing to do, we spent 90% of the time idle. But we were told to look busy whenever the bosses came by, and the whole building put on a “dog and pony show” of being productive when NASA representatives came for a tour. I don’t remember what I did, probably took apart and reassembled something I’d already put together. Another time I was sitting at the assembly bench looking at my phone, a co-worker told me to hide somewhere so I wasn’t seen doing that by higher-level bosses. I asked instead if I could for once do some actual work. They found me something, I saw how badly designed it was and asked to redesign it, so they fired me.

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