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Aircraft design decisions

Decisions, decisions … I think it is safe to assume that a lot more brain power and thought has gone into all kinds of design decisions that people don’t even know about. Just the other day, I was assembling a

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Buying a brand new car

I only bought one brand new car so far in my life. My wife and I went to a car dealer and decided on the car literally within ten minutes at the first dealer we went to. To our defense,

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Welding an engine stand

Welding is one of those skills, I wish I could use more often. And with “more often” I mean at all. I learned different welding techniques in school, and it was really fun! But, due to a lack of opportunity,

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Why are you wearing night vision goggles?

I have never worn night vision goggles. Now that I think of it, that should be on my bucket list, if I had one. It feels like that’s one of those things I would buy if I had the money,

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