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Coffee options

I think we already established a little while back, that I’m somewhat of a coffee philistine. But have we yet talked about when we drink our coffee? I know many, many people for whom coffee is the very first thing

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Coffee tutorial

So Hans’ original goal has been achieved. Plus, coffee has been made! Maybe he’s not such a bad manager after all? Looking at this strip, I just wondered when the last time was that I drank drip coffee. I can’t

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How about some coffee?

In this case I can almost relate to Hans more than Julio. The last two times we moved I was away on the job when my wife was setting up the kitchen. It took me weeks to figure out where

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Elf on a shelf

I have to admit that I have only learned about the Elf on the shelf tradition a few days ago, when we were thinking up this strip. It’s a funny idea! I guess everybody has played the “hide item X

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