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Tally ho!

While getting today’s strip ready to upload it here, I wondered where the term “roger” originally came from. So I asked Mr. Google and apparently it stems from the time where the military used a different spelling alphabet, where “Roger”

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Who is this?

To come up with good ideas on the spot can be hard. To come up with good ideas at all is hard enough to begin with, but when somebody’s quick on their feet, mentally speaking, when they’re under pressure, is

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Another pizza

Ah, the convenience of ordering food. We truly live in wondrous times. Just think about the food variety that was available only 50 years ago and compare it to today. 50 years ago, even pizza was considered exotic. And I

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Carbonated radio traffic

That strip is based on a tale told by a pilot who wishes to stay anonymous. It may or may not have happened exactly like in this strip. I guess in real life, the controller would probably have had a

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