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Ticking off

Ticking Off

Ticking Off

First off: I’m going to Italy!! It’s a bit short notice, but if any of you is planning to go to Lucca Comics in two weeks, I will be there too! I’ll only be there two days, Thursday Nov. 1

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100% safety

First off, for everyone who doesn’t now what “TCAS” means: It stands for “Traffic Collision Avoidance System“. It’s an instrument that scans for other aircraft with transponders and warns you if your flight paths appear to be getting you too

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FAA safety posters

Safety Posters at your local airport, hangar, maintenance shop, and/or FBO! What are your thoughts? Do they work? Do we need more? Do we have too many? We have attempted making them funny before and received some good responses on

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Avgas barrels

We couldn’t resist to have Chuck need even more clarification on the subject. But, hey! It’s for aviation safety! I hope all of you have learned a little something with the last two strips. I am sure you all have

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