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A riveting story

A riveting story

A riveting story

Those of you who ever had to rivet something on an airplane can probably relate to this strip. I can’t say I have had the pleasure, but Mike, who had the idea for this strip, tells me that it can

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Something feels off

Did you ever have the tower say “give me a landline when you land”? It’s a sinking feeling. One time in Burbank (Class C Airspace) we were doing traffic patterns with “full down” autorotations (it’s an autorotation you take all

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Chicken Wings Classic – Can’t lower the landing gear

There’s always a way to describe a perfectly safe condition that makes it sound threatening. One of my favorite jokes in that regard is to point out that something contains high amounts of dihydrogen monoxide. It’s the main component of

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Not a trash can

The idea for this strip came from a story a helicopter old timer told me about one of his old logging captains who was really nasty to his copilots and mechanics. Apparently there was a time in this company where

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