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Meet Agatha

Surprise! I know it’s not Tuesday, but we thought we’d post an extra strip this week, so we would get through the emotional support animal series quicker. We sometimes have the tendency to draw too many consecutive strips and when

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A reclusive brown widow

I always like it if we can fit in a few jokes in addition to the punch line. We were both laughing at Chucks line “It’s just that my motto is ‘safety first’!” HAHA – I hope you guys enjoyed

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Spider in the cockpit

I can’t remember exactly but I am pretty sure this round of strips was invented while I was working in Australia as I touched on last week. Are you guys familiar with the Huntsman Spider? They say it’s pretty harmless

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I think we have already established previously that Chuck is not a very big fan of spiders. It is kind of ironic since real chickens I’ve observed actually seem to be very fond of spiders. It appears they make great

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