The Roost Air Crew

Name: Chuck
Occupation: Chief pilot at Roost Air

Chuck is bright, colorful and full of ambition. He flies everything and anything, likes to tell stories, wears his sunglasses all the time, has a big watch and a big mouth. Like the typical pilot, he is a womanizer, or rather a “chickenizer”, but he always ends up alone thanks to his inability to think before he speaks. He is an optimistic and positive character with a can-do-attitude that even extends to all the things he can’t do. In his mind he’s a virtuous and dauntless king of the skies. In reality he only made it to chief pilot at Roost Air by being the only Pilot on staff!

Name: Julio
Occupation: Aircraft mechanic at Roost Air

Julio is a really great guy. He’s the typical aircraft mechanic who can fix everything from a helicopter turbine engine to the coffee machine. He doesn’t talk too much and doesn’t really like pilots a lot. They tend to break “his” planes and never treat them the way he would like. His nickname is “Sparks”, which seems to have originated from an unlucky hand with electricity, so he’s not very proud of it.

Name: Sally
Occupation: Secretary and dispatcher at Roost Air

Sally is always motivated and in high spirits, but unfortunately aviation seems to be sort of a foreign language to her. Being the only woman in this company and working in a male-dominated industry is not always easy, even more so when you’re all thumbs with technical stuff. But she makes up for that with her character. And because she can make some killer coffee that can keep pilots awake for two nights in a row, and she’s the only one who has at least a rudimental overview of the paperwork, she is indispensable to Roost Air.

Name: Hans
Occupation: Owner and boss of Roost Air

Hans inherited the company from his uncle and used to run a yogurt factory before. But seriously, there can’t be that much difference between yogurt and airplanes, right? He has a slight German accent which he can’t always hide and he has little clue of what is really going on. It almost seems like his resourceful management strategies are the main cause of things going wrong and turning complicated. Sounds familiar, you say?

Miscellaneous Characters

Name: Nobu
Occupation: Pilot

Nobu is the pilot from the company next door. He is Japanese but has been living in the US long enough to really master the language and to get used to a Roost-Air style of corporate culture. Being a professional pilot too, he is one of the few who can relate to Chuck. But he also rarely misses an opportunity to poke fun at him. His full name is Nobutada Yakitori, but since nobody can pronounce it right, they call him Nobu.

Name: Jason
Occupation: Owner of a chocolate factory

Jason is Chuck’s flight student. He is very interested in everything related to aviation and has serious difficulties to hold his curiosity in check. While Sally and Hans love him, because he owns a chocolate factory, and Chuck can usually endure Jasons inquisitive manner, he often drives Julio crazy with his drumfire of questions.

Name: Alex
Alex is a private pilot and owns her own Pitts Special aerobatic plane. She likes to keep it in Roost-Air’s hangar and has Julio help her with the maintenance. Alex is a really cool “chick” that has no problems hanging with the boys, except maybe one of them. That one is Chuck, which you probably guessed. He has a major crush on her as well as her airplane, but keeps getting shot down hard at every approach he makes. His chances of ever flying that beautiful yellow biplane are probably zero.
Name: Ray
Occupation: Aircraft mechanic

Ray is the mechanic from the FBO next door and works together with Nobu. He is a pretty mellow duck from the south and there doesn’t seem to be much he gets excited over. He is Julios partner in crime and shoulder to lean and cry on when it comes to mechanical questions or issues with his pilot.

Name: Captain Ed
Occupation: Pilot at a major airline

Captain Ed is Chuck’s uncle and also a pilot. But that’s where the similarities end. He works as a captain for a major airline but is often burdened with straightening out the mess at Roost Air, trying to keep his nephew on the right track. Unlike Chuck he is known for his experience and his calm and positive manner.