Australia is different

It seems like the whole East Coast of Australia is on fire at the moment from south of Sydney all the way north of Brisbane. I wish my colleagues from Down-Under all the best and hope they stay safe. Personally, I am thankful for a little break at the moment. It gives me time to ponder questions like Jason always seems to have. They do call them bush fires down there by the way. However I doubt Chucks answer is 100% correct …

Do you guys know people like Chuck? People who can never admit they don’t know something but rather make something up? I have met a few in my life. Truth be told I sometimes gave off-the-wall explanations like this on purpose just to see if my students still paid attention in class, HAHA.

I like how Chuck does it with a complete straight face as if he knows what he is talking about. At this rate, Jason will never pass his checkride. I bet the examiner will also have his mind blown with all the completely absurd answers poor Jason will give during his tests if he actually paid attention to what Chuck tells him all day long.

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Have a great week everyone!

Due to Mike living in the States and Stef living in Austria, we are running two completely separate online shops, for logistical as well as accounting reasons. Everybody in the US and the Rest of North America is best served at the AVIATORwebsite Online Shop, which is run by Mike.

But here are some news for all the Non-Americans: Just now, we have moved our European Shop from our previous third-party system on to this very website right here. Check it out!

We will place a few more redirections and notifications for Americans that should lead them to AVIATORwebsite. For everybody else: The new European shop is a work in progress, and there are still a few design issues. We’d be happy for any feedback you can give us, preferably directly to Stef (

As a great opportunity, to repay you for using you as Beta-Testers, we timed this with out annual …

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Black Friday 2019

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It is done! After some feedback from our Patrons and people at last week’s AERO, we made a few little tweaks and finally uploaded the final product on Youtube for all the world to see!

Many people said that the radio transmissions were too hard to understand, especially for non-native speakers. So we reduced the distortion effect and added subtitles.

Out Of Gas Title

We hope you like it and are looking forward to your feedback! This is just the beginning of many animated adventures to come! You can help us by:

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And last but not least:

We’re grateful for any and all support you can give us! Word of mouth is powerful and every little bit helps!

We’re already working on the next film, but it will take a little while, because, as we already mentioned a hundred times, these things are an enormous amount of work. But as were climbing up the learning curve and with your growing support, we’re optimistic to gradually increase our output over time!

Enjoy the show and stay tuned for more!

Out Of Gas Screenshot

Yes, we have threatened you with this before. But this time we mean it. We are getting closer and closer to making Chuck walk, talk, and most importantly, FLY! As we are moving forward with the animation project, we will also make some changes to the website.

Today we have added a funding section hosted by “Patreon” to our site in case you are wondering what the new buttons underneath the weekly comic mean. Within you will find exciting new content and will be able to keep up with our progress in regards to our ambitious animation projects. You will also have the option of supporting us by making small (or big) monthly donations. In order to talk you into supporting us we will have lots of goodies and extras for you in the next coming months.

We Want You!This is strictly on a volunteer basis and you can cancel at any time. Also, what is really important for us to mention is that none of the free content on our website will change. If you like to keep browsing the site and our comics as usual you will always be able to do so and we will not hold it against you. We value all of you joining us here in the coop!

Why are we going the Patreon route?

We have two main reasons. We are serious about making videos and it is a lot of work. We want to keep our animated shorts and the website free from advertising. We really hate ads, especially in the middle of a short video. And as you might have noticed, we got rid of a bunch of ads on the new website as well. The second reason is that the more we can fund Stefan, the easier it will be for us to yank him away from other day job projects which in turn will get us more animation and faster. To accomplish this, we seek your support. We think together we can make this thing grow and have you, our fans, help not only get this thing off the ground (yes, pun intended) but help us steer it into the direction we all want to see this go.

If you want to chip in, follow this link here:

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AND HEY! To kick this off properly “Chicken Wings Style”, the first 20 coop animation supporters will receive a free “Roost Air” t-shirt when they sign up, no matter which tier you decide on!

Here’s a sneak peek from the storyboard of our first animation.

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018

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