Marketing Mix

Admittedly, I know nothing about push and pull strategies when it comes to marketing. In my mind, I had the same picture of what it could mean as Chuck and Julio do in the last panel. If I had to guess, I’d say Stefan came up with this one.

However, I used to know quite a bit about “push and pull airplanes”, mainly the Cessna 337 Skymaster. While pilots love them, mechanics hate them. Julio’s hate for Skymasters came as a direct reflection of me hating them. They are great planes, but man, are they hard to work on. Being a skinny short mechanic, I was the obvious choice for the Cessna dealership to work on the Skymaster though, especially for the rear pusher motor. You had to be triple-jointed to reach most of the components on that one.
Working on the pressurized turbocharged airconditioned retractable gear Skymasters ranks near the top among my worst aviation experiences, lol. It just was too much stuff crammed in too little of a space. To change the vacuum pump on the rear motor, you pretty much had to remove the entire motor first. Otherwise, you just wouldn’t be able to get to it.
My Skymaster nightmare even followed me around after earning a reputation for being “The Skymaster Guy” on the field. So, even switching companies didn’t help, since all the owners just followed me to the next shop I started working for. And since Cessna didn’t make a bunch of them, parts were hard to get as well. I built a lot of baffles for these things from scratch…

Does anybody in the coop here have any Skymaster experience by any chance?
Or push and pull marketing experience?


As most of you already know, the chickens turned 20 years old this year. Next year, they would be legally allowed to drink in the States!

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