MacGyver could do it!

For this series (yes, it’s gonna be another series, folks) we started out with just one line. I was driving home to Vegas from LA and all I had in my head was Chuck saying the line “MacGyver could do it.” I’ve used the line before when joking around with other mechanics every time we run into a problem. My fire crew also use a similar line every time I refuse a mission or landing spot for whatever reason. They use my relief pilots name, let’s call him Terry for this story:
“I can’t land here. It’s too tight.”
“Terry could do it!” I then hear coming from the back seat.

So, I was driving home with that line in my head. Then came the line about the one-eyed sock puppet and that’s what I wrote down. The next day I showed it to Stefan and an hour later we had a whole series of strips which was a lot of fun thinking up. I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll stop elaborating right now. Enjoy and post your feedback in the forum!

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