Fix it MacGyver style!

Man, I LOVED MacGyver when I was a kid. That was probably my most favorite TV show ever. For a while, I used to carry my swiss army knife, pieces of string and other stuff like that with me all the time. Nowadays you’d probably get thrown out of school if you carried a knife. Well, the times, they are a-changing… but I still have my swiss army knife in my backpack which I carry almost everywhere I go. And I even managed so far to always put it in the check-in luggage when flying, a real feat for someone with a memory as bad as mine. It really is a life-safer sometimes, and no, I don’t just use the bottle opener!

Even now, after all these years, whenever I try to improvise, fix, mend or rig something, almost instantly the MacGyver title song pops into my mind!

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4 comments on “Fix it MacGyver style!
  1. PTSquirrel says:

    I get a very large Garfield impression form this comic… except its funny.

  2. mike says:

    Wow PTSquirrel! Thanks! I take this as a huge compliment!

    We liked Garfield when we were kids…

  3. Torsten Adair says:

    Okay… I was expecting him to make it worse, like setting the plane on fire.

    Of course, most radio station engineers would tell you you need to use a rubber band, a paper clip, and chewing gum to fix electronics. (Yes, I saw this “emergency repair kit” pinned to a bulletin board at a radio station once.)

  4. Time was when even air screeners didn’t care about a pocket-knife, sigh. May those days swiftly return!

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