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Don’t you have a checkride tomorrow?

Don’t we all need some sense slapped into us at some points in our life? Of course, the slapping should be done in a metaphorical way whenever possible. Anyway, I had an idea how to analogize the whole slapping thing

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Don’t you have a checkride today?

Quite like Chuck, I also work better under pressure. The good thing is, as a small time self-employed artist, the pressure is always on! Yay! Talking about “under pressure”: dun dun dun dundundun dun. There you go, now I have

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Sterile cockpit

Thanks to some quick thinking Julio might get a spotless aircraft out of this whole deal. But there probably might be more tears to wipe up after the checkride if Chuck actually has to answer any questions about CRM and

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Preparing for the checkride

If somebody had told me back in school that being a pilot meant you constantly have to study and take tests, I might have chosen a different profession. I was ready to leave school behind and tackle working for a

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