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New Radalt

I venture to say that nobody here will be surprised at the fact that Chuck doesn’t look at his gauges and probably doesn’t even know what all he has on his dashboard. In his defense though, he does fly a

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Minor technical difficulties

I often wonder what’s behind the phrase “minor technical difficulties” whenever you hear the phrase used in real life. Is it really something technical? Or maybe just a crucial employee who has a case of diarrhea? It can mean anything,

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Transmission problems

For those who don’t have a degree in helicopterology, or a brother who does: A chip detector is not a person who goes straight for the snack aisle in the supermarket, but a device that detects ferromagnetic particles (i.e. metal

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Chuck the collector at HAI

I’ve never been to HAI, but I have walked around my fair share of trade shows and conventions. I wish I was as resourceful as Chuck! I usually contend myself with a backpack. The ideal case is having a base,

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