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Like a big family

I think my brother would be in a better position to write about the helicopter industry, and how much it really is like a big family, in which everyone seems to know everyone else. But he is kinda hard to

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A Skycrane!

I love flying Skycranes! They are not a comfortable helicopter to fly in by any means nor do they go far or fast, but boy can they pick up a lot of weight! It’s nice to watch the fire go

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Since I have seen both side of this coin, I do feel for the mechanics. This happened to me plenty of times in my younger years. The pilot landed and walked away while I was there all night fixing the

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Chicken Wings Classic – What’s your type?

It’s time to throw in another classic. This one stems way back to the beginning when the chicken strips were just passed around the office and long before websites, books, etc… The “Chuck, is that you?” phrase was just barely

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