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Detailed preflight

Here’s a long-winded question from a naive non-pilot: When I had the pleasure of being drafted into the army, I learned truck driving on really, really old trucks. Due to this, and due to the duties as a driver in

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Stuck elevator

This is troubleshooting on the same level of “did you turn it off and on again?” or “Is it plugged in?”. I think we’ve all been there and done that multiple times. At least I can claim that I have

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Extended preflight checklist

Here in Austria, we have a military draft for those people unfortunate enough to be born with the wrong 23rd chromosome pair. I kinda lucked out, because I came to a rather relaxed unit and was trained to be a

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Pilot superstitions

I have learned over the years that pilots, just like sailors, can be very superstitious people. I myself admit to it and have certain rituals I just don’t do well without. They’re not quite the same rituals that Chuck has,

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