Jammed controls

Now I’m sure it depends a lot on the type and model of airplane you fly, but I guess not all cockpits are built with storage space in mind. Which would lead to predicaments like Chuck’s. And since the idea for this strip came from Mike, I assume it may possibly be based on real life events.

Personally, I am not the tidiest or most organized person in the world, but I sure like to have my car cockpit structured and organized. Chewing gum, tissues, pen, headset, charger etc. all should be easy to find without having to look or rummage around. That being said, I could now seize this opportunity and write a few paragraphs about the challenges that come with sharing a car with another person, but I am a happily married man and I intend to keep it that way! 🙂


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5 comments on “Jammed controls
  1. Robert Horton says:

    What would they do without one another?

    Julio: “Relax!”

    I’m still checking back for the worn Julio hat you’re out of! My friend loved the #1 book I got him for Christmas!

  2. Mo Davies says:

    On a not dissimilar subject, I placed my chart and airfield guide on top of the dash as there was nowhere else to put them. After Take-off, every time I reached for them, the resulting CofG shift put the nose down and they slid even further out of my reach. I had to land at a neighbouring airfield, collect them, and stick them under my botton in order to continue the flight.

  3. J Segal says:

    Ah, that brings back memories. Most pleasant, some not.

    Best one I have is similar to yours, Mo, but with a slightly-different CG shift. Placed my kit on the glareshield one day because I was getting tired of having the same problems that Chuck is here [though not THAT badly]. Worked well on takeoff, but the stuff must’ve felt homesick. We get up to speed, rotate, and the whole lot of it flies over the yoke and lands on my lap…between me and the yoke. Threw it all in the back to sort it out later. Fortunately was flying with somebody else, and they had the controls, but it was one of those rare lessons that was both good and funny.

    Back to the comic –
    I *love* the teddy bear. I can’t help but think that I’ve seen it before around here, too – is it just me or has that bear made appearances before? Would any one of you chickens out there know?

  4. domspy says:

    I’ve flown with some… plus sized passengers sitting next to me, and even with their seat slid all the way back, the yoke gets blocked against them… that’s a difficult one to explain to them…

  5. L says:

    I have the opposite problem. I am not super tall but I am not short. When I go fly with my buddy, I always forget that he does flight controls check during run-up with 0 warning and he just grabs the yoke, turn it full right, yanks it back and jams it in my knee. Every time I tell him “warn your passengers that you’re about to hurt them” but he won’t remember it. LOL
    Do I need to spell it out that it is good practice to notify your passengers that you are about to maneuver something hard and jagged in close proximity to their body? I am a polite person, I like to warn my friends, I don’t want to hurt them.
    I still don’t get it how my airplane partner manages to fly safely with a clipboard on his knee, miniPad on the yoke, maxiPad in his lap, thick checklist book on top of the iPad plus his cellphone connected to his ANR headset. Just FTDA. 🙂

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