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Sterile cockpit

Thanks to some quick thinking Julio might get a spotless aircraft out of this whole deal. But there probably might be more tears to wipe up after the checkride if Chuck actually has to answer any questions about CRM and

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Snowman House of Horror

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a good transition into 2018! I slept through midnight and all the fireworks, like the last few years. But I have the feeling that maybe next year, or in a couple of

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Double checkride

While admittedly we might have exaggerated some in this comic, I bet some of you might be able to relate to this one. Anyone who has ever done a checkride while the examiner himself is getting observed at the same

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Please, kind sir.

It’s always good to be prepared for every eventuality. Well, maybe not *every* eventuality, because then you would probably never be done preparing. Having inherited a perfectionist trait from my father, it’s a bit of a learned skill for me,

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