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Vampire attack!

Aviation is full of good people who start out with the best of intentions. But since the profit margins are very low compared to the risk you take, I have seen a lot of small operators going through great length

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What’s with the costume?

This story reminds me of the time I used to do some aerial work for the TV series “The X-Files”. I was able to fly the support ship a few times but in the very last episode I made it

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Borrowed Halloween costume

Halloween costumes are getting more and more amazing. The effort some people seem to be putting into trying to look like a corpse is baffling to me. Some people, of course, need more effort than others to begin with. Personally,

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Screwdriver punch

This reminds me of the time when my brother cut into the muscle and tendon betwwen his thumb and index finger of his left hand. He must have been around 16 or 17 at that time and was working on

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