Vampire attack!

Aviation is full of good people who start out with the best of intentions. But since the profit margins are very low compared to the risk you take, I have seen a lot of small operators going through great length to make every penny last. Some of them go into outright panic mode from time to time since a lot of the helicopter industry I have worked in is the seasonal kind.

It’s probably understandable that the average employee might see the boss as a “blood sucking, soul crushing” monster when said panic situation arrives.

Hans is more the embodiment of a corporate type management taking over an operation without having much experience in the business. The decisions made as a result are often less than desirable. I am currently working at a place that is run as well as Roost-Air. And since the company went public, we added no more Julio’s but about 5 more Hans-types to the same amount of aircraft and to that one Chuck comparatively. At least it provides more “Chicken Wings” material for the immediate future.

Happy Halloween everybody!

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2 comments on “Vampire attack!
  1. He could say he’s Grandpa Munster

  2. Johsua says:

    I have to ask, are you guys planning to do a Bob Hoover tribute?

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