Special skywriting

I just noticed, in shock, that we are approaching our 15th anniversary rather quickly, and that we have totally forgot about it. I guess we can cite the same reasons for that oversight that we already invoked in the preface of our new book: We’ve both been extremely busy with other stuff. Mike moved and is sent around the globe by his company for weeks on end, and I am constantly busy, distracted and sleep-deprived as a new father to two toddlers.

Now today’s strip reminded me about the “Japanese Skywriter” cartoon, which was one of the first ideas we had and which we later turned into a t-shirt. So that got me thinking and made me realize that we are just a week away from the anniversary of that fateful day, when we were sitting down with a glass of wine and started doodling on a couple of paper napkins after returning home from our mom’s 60th birthday dinner. That’s the reason why it’s so easy for us to remember the exact date, by the way.

I am not sure if we can come up with any special ideas this year. For our 10th anniversary, we made a silver coin, which was very popular, so maybe we can do something like that again? Anybody interested in investing in another ounce of silver? In any case, it would probably be rather late. I’ll talk to my brother and get back to you!

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2 comments on “Special skywriting
  1. Neil II says:

    Hmm. I would have thought that would be closer to Morse Code than Braille. Of course, I realize that Chuck wouldn’t necessarily be familiar with Morse Code. He is also probably more likely to experience brain farts than your average – or above average – cartoonist.

  2. Martian says:

    Wow, it’s been five years already?! Seems to me as if it was only yesterday that I got my Silver Chicken. As Stef now knows, time flies when you have small children… 🙂

    Well, I am all for coins, so fine if you ask me 🙂

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