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Special skywriting

I just noticed, in shock, that we are approaching our 15th anniversary rather quickly, and that we have totally forgot about it. I guess we can cite the same reasons for that oversight that we already invoked in the preface

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Please let me fly your plane

Do you all know the saying “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission?” Well, Alex can be glad that Chuck doesn’t seem to have heard of that one yet. Or maybe he has, and Alex just knows she

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Star Wars movie quotes

Way to go, Chuck! There you happen to encounter some of the not-all-that-common girls who would actually appreciate a thorough knowledge of Star Wars quotes, and you manage to mess it up. And we know that Chuck should know his

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Meeting a great pilot

Chuck sure knows how to make an entrance, doesn’t he! 🙂 Thanks again Alasdair for the idea for this strip!

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