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I always wanted to become a pilot

Growing up is way overrated. Especially when you’re still a kid. I think, compared to others, I wasn’t overly eager to grow up, although I was definitely looking forward to it. But I guess I wouldn’t be able to do

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I’m not your slave

I guess this strip would work with many, many other professions as well. My brief brushes with employment gave me enough insight to appreciate my state of self-employment. I’d be lying if I said I enjoy it every day though.

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Janet Airlines is hiring

The recent Facebook post this week about “Janet” Airlines hiring a pilot made us think that Chuck obviously would be all over that as he is with every new and exciting aviation adventure. We had many ideas to the subject

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Pilot swap II

Well, I posted last Tuesday’s strip on reddit, and was consequently schooled that we probably meant “biennial” instead of “bi-annual” and that we’ve got it mixed up. Well, to our defense, we’re both not English native speakers. But, I got

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