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Flying is safer than driving

Well, to be perfectly fair, if Julio starts to distinguish between different types of flying, we could also start to differentiate between different types of driving. Driving a regular car on a Nevada highway is probably orders of magnitudes safer

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For today we’ve dug out another classic from many years ago. I’ve never been on a maintenance flight before, but I assume it is like in many other situations in life. If you pay close attention to detail, strange sounds

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The sideeffect of sunglasses

The most common side effect of my sunglasses is that I scratch them or lose them, most of the time both. So I never spend more than ten bucks on them. Maybe the reason I never pay attention and always

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Flying low

As you may be able to imagine, this strip was invented while flying through busy airspace wishing I wasn’t. Then I started dreaming how the good ‘ol days must have been like and then, suddenly and for no apparent reason,

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