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It blows my mind that iPhones are just about 13 years old, considering how ubiquitous smart phones and tablets are nowadays. Makes you wonder what our world could look like in another 13 years. I’m pretty sure that at some point we’ll have something like the Google glass glasses. I know those flopped, but I think that’s just because people weren’t “ready” at that point in time. Our threshold for privacy keeps getting lower.

The bright side of such glasses would be that at least people wouldn’t be looking down at their phones all the time. The downside, that you couldn’t tell if somebody was just looking at you, browsing social media or reverse image searching your face.

Or maybe the future is in neurological implants, so you can communicate with a device just with your thoughts? As creepy as that sounds, that would have a lot of possibilities for handicapped people. But that’s probably way further off than smart glasses.

In aviation, I wouldn’t be surprised if there would be some sort of head up display / hologram that makes navigating as easy as following arrows and lines and would make tablets look as archaic as paper charts look to us now.

What are you predictions for the future?


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4 comments on “Navigation obstacle
  1. Fbs says:

    Well, the point with gps navigation is you know you’re on track but you don’t know where you are….poor situational awareness. That explains why Chuck keeps getting in forbiden airspaces and other adventures. …

    Now, I agree I don’t know how I used to live 13 years ago without the iphone….

  2. DeanRW says:

    As far as I’m concerned, I predict that I will stop driving cars when there won’t be any left that doesn’t talk, brake, steer or select gears all by itself. Then I will find some other means to keep my spatial abilities in shape. Gliders? Ski jumping? Of course I won’t ask Chuck any advice, because looking through the windshield seems to be a very remote option to him.

  3. DeanRW says:

    I forgot bycicles! Of course with no motor, no batteries, no GPS or other double-edged technological gadgets.

  4. Kopets says:

    Human thoughts, desires, feelings are nothing else than chemical bonds and pockets of electrical energy. Next millenium they will invent a device to digitalize your feelings at your most marvelous moments of life, and than reproduce/replay them right into your brain. At that moment the human progress shall stop, since the Happiness would be just a button push away, and with no drug impact!

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