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Over many years in the aviation industry, I have seen many issues and damage due to neglected brakes and/or brake checks. I’ve seen aircraft roll straight into obstacles while everyone is outside, run off the runway, and so on, you name it. On my current aircraft, the brakes are important because if it was to roll forward, it would at a minimum bend or crack the snorkel hose, or, if it kept going, roll right over the whole thing. I have also seen, and I have talked about this before, many students and pilots spend a lot of time on their preflight on what they perceive as “important things to look at” (all the wires and plumbing of an engine for example) but forget the “simpler” things like checking seatbelts, oil, or brakes. It has been my experience that these things will get you in trouble quicker and more likely instead of an engine wiring falling apart and you catching it right there on preflight.

I guess the checklist, and you using it, will help out in most of these instances 😉

I am kind of surprised Chuck thought of the brakes over Jason. But we have seen in previous strips, that he had his aircraft get away from him while Jason was trying to warn him. Hopefully he learned his lesson and now remembers these things, or at least the brakes. I also found that when I am teaching, I think of more things and end up being more thorough as compared to when I just go and fly by myself. Talking somebody through a procedure often keeps you from making intentional or unintentional omissions of that particular routine.


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3 comments on “Brake check
  1. Fbs says:

    I confirm the smoothness of the brakes Check done by students

    That’s why Chuck should consider using the shoulder belt, but after all, It’s our good old chuck…

  2. Anja says:

    Looks to me like Jason forgot something else on the checklist as well as the brakes. Hence chuck being utterly unprepared for the brake check.

  3. Ylorea says:

    @FBS: I doubt the roostair C172 is equipped with shoulderbelts.

    As for smooth brake checks, I have flown several C42’s that had their brakes adjusted to be smooth. Smart move for student/rental (ultra)light aircraft..

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