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Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Welcome back!

First off: We’re going to AERO next week!! We’ll be in Foyer Ost, as usual, bringing along something extra special: Our first animated short film! We’ll be getting it ready just in time. So, if you’re going, be sure to

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Clear instructions

I hereby out myself as an old-fashioned, tech-averse geezer. I have never in my life used a navigation device to find my way. Well, directly, at least. I have relied on my wife in the passenger seat looking up an

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Why is the GPS turned off?

Flying and working on the Coast of Southern California we used to joke about how easy navigating was around here. Mountains to the right and water to the left, you’re going north. Water to the right and mountains to the

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Chicken Wings Classic – Last known position

We thought it is time for a new classic. Many jokes have been made in aviation about the “last known position”. This one is our version from back when Chuck first burst on the flying scene. It’s hard to believe

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