Magnetic poles

While trying to write something smart to accompany today’s strip, I googled the subject of magnetic poles and went down a bit of a rabbit hole. Time constraints keep me from going down even further, but boy, is that an interesting subject! Did you know, for example, that the northern and southern magnetic pole are not necessarily antipodal, i.e. directly opposed? Also, it seems we messed up the research when we wrote this strip, because from the graphics I’m finding now, the northern magnetic pole hasn’t been in Siberia for a long time. But to be confidently wrong about something is very much in character vor Chuck. Anyway, it’s currently moving towards Russia, so in a couple of decades, the strip will have aged well!


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4 comments on “Magnetic poles
  1. . says:

    So Julio’s a pilot too?

    • Wade Moeller says:

      Julio is a mechanic and this eminently qualified to critique a pilot. It is like a built in hobby that goes with the occupation.

  2. Fbs says:

    Could be worse…they could be low on fuel…or Did I just spoiled the next strip ?

  3. HiddenWindshield says:

    Yeah, the magnetic north pole has been in northern Canada for just about as long as we’ve been measuring it. But just about a half-century or so ago, it began shooting rapidly (well, rapidly for a geologic phenomenon, anyway) in Siberia’s general direction. So, if you’d just delayed posting this comic by a couple of decades, Chuck would’ve have been right!

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