Inflight entertainment

Having worked in both worlds, my assessment is that a mechanic will probably stay within the lines more than a pilot would if there was a such a thing as a coloring book study among aviators. And that’s probably a good thing. I sure didn’t mind it if my mechanics had OCD tendencies. It makes you feel better that everything was done exact.

Whenever I went to a class or seminar for mechanics and the start was supposed to be at 8am, it started at 8am sharp with everyone seated and ready to get going. Not so much in my pilot world, especially the helicopter world. Pretty much every pilot class or seminar I have attended started at least 10 minutes late because it is really hard to get all these pilots to shut up and sit down when they get together. People are still getting their coffee, are chatting with friends they haven’t seen in weeks or months, talk politics, etc… The list is long. There seems to be a different type of personality drawn to mechanicing (is this even a word) than there is to piloting, except for a few outliers like yours truly.

But after all, I for one really enjoy these differences, because it makes for a lot of Roost Air comics 😉


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  1. Fbs says:

    Reminds me a similar scene in the movie « air america »…

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