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Clarence has to go!

Trying to come up with jokes can be hard. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Our writing process is basically Mike and I trying to one up each other until we’re both happy enough with the result. And then, sometimes, after we’ve

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Emotional support animal II

If anybody has trouble accessing our website, I apologize. I’ve been postponing that revamp of our site for years now, and apparently there seems to be some kind of defect that takes up way too many resources on the server.

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What did you call me?

Oh, Chuck. You might never get the respect you think you deserve… I see this situation every now and then in my job as well, mainly when a mechanic gets promoted to crew chief. It’s a tough spot to be

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Snow shoveling challenge

While this post hopefully updates automatically on Tuesday, I should be in the middle of the Austrian alps, enjoying some snow myself! And by enjoying snow, I mean skiing of course, not eating snow. Although, occasionally, I happen to eat

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