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I’ve seen radio controlled blimps flown around at AERO in Friedrichshafen. They are so cool! Definitely another item on the extremely long list of “things I’d like to try, if I had the chance, but not badly enough to actually take initiative”. I guess you can only really fly these things indoors, and then you need halls that are big enough to make sense. But if one of the people controlling one of these things passed me by offered me the control and said “wanna try”, I’d jump on the opportunity.

Talking about AERO: A lot of people have asked us if we’ll go next year. I can definitely say that my brother will not be able to make it, due to work related reasons. I myself am still weighing the options. The problem is that the organizers have changed the rules for the artist section so that we’re no longer a fit there. They want more of a “art gallery flair” with paintings and photographs and less of a “flea market” flair with, e.g. books on tables etc. like the way we usually represented.

We had already planned to rent a regular booth in 2020, just to give it a try on the hustling and bustling floors of a main exhibition hall. But then SARS-CoV-2 hit …

So next year, since my brother is not coming, I would have to set up and man the booth all by myself and also pay the rent as a regular exhibitor (The spots in the artist section were free). Add all the other expenses and the unpredictability of visitor numbers in the middle of a pandemic and the whole enterprise becomes very uncertain.

On the plus side, I would very much like to meet all of you folks again who stop by to say hi! AERO is really a unique event in many regards! But on the minus side, I am not in an economic position where I can afford to lose two weeks of work (with all the preparation etc.), invest thousands of Euros and then not break even.

So, long story short, I’m still pondering. If I make up my mind, you will definitely be the first to know!


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6 comments on “RC Blimp
  1. Wade Moeller says:

    I take it neither you nor Mike have heard of “The Horror of Blimps”?


  2. stef says:

    Haha, no I haven’t read that one yet! That was hilarious! And beautifully written! XD

  3. Adam Astro says:

    Julio had to use Anti-Zeppelin projectile-https://www.chickenwingscomics.com/comic/moments-in-aviation-history-zeppelin-warfare/ LOL

  4. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    It is a real shame that the Aero organisers will not host you under the same formula as before. After all you weren’t really costing them the slightest penny, were you? I for one would be missing you – IF I went there – which is very uncertain even without Covid19.

  5. JL says:

    Also works with the tiny coaxial helicopters

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