Double scratch

So far, I had to deal with “only” two fuel spills in my career. Luckily, they only involved the fuel trucks themselves and no aircraft. But let me tell you, besides the nasty stench of jet fuel you are breathing during the clean-up, it involves a lot of paperwork.
Sooooo much paperwork …

And requires many phone calls as well. The airport is actually the best to spill the fuel if you must. Usually, the fire department is close by and the tarmac keeps the fuel from doing too much damage to the environment. Spilling it somewhere on some farmers field while we are using the field as helicopter base for wildfires is my worst nightmare. Now you are looking in removing the contaminated earth as well. I don’t even want to think about it.

The two incidents I had were both caused by a lack of attention on part of the driver during a transfer from one truck to another. And even though I didn’t act on it, during the AAR and while filling out the paperwork, I sure felt like running after the guy with a wrench just like Julio is here.

The first panel keeps cracking me up every time, btw. It’s the part where Chuck only “vaguely” remembers an incident that just happened yesterday, HAHA!


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2 comments on “Double scratch
  1. Bo Lindbergh says:

    If Chuck tried to use a blowtorch to fix the fuel truck, would it explode vaguely or barely?

  2. Fbs says:

    Ok, I have my answer on chuck’s way….

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