Option A or option B

Okay, I agree with Chuck that this is a hypothetical question. But option B in this comic would need some concretization in order to be able to make a qualified decision. Where in the ocean is this rock? Are we talking arctic sea or Tahiti? How far does the rock reach out of the water? How am I being tied to it? What are the weather and the waves like? Which sharks would surround me? How many? What type of lasers would they be equipped with? Questions upon questions!


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3 comments on “Option A or option B
  1. Giuseppe Distratis says:

    In any case, still B

  2. Joshua says:

    Well, we know Chuck isn’t quite correct. Due to the endangered species act and the cost of import the sharks will be replaced with mutant sea bass. However, they are very ill tempered.

  3. L says:

    My mechanic does not go on post-maintenance flights either. But not because he fears my flying skills. Smart man.
    Remember the old adage? What is the difference between a mechanic and pilot? None.
    If the pilot screws up, pilot dies.
    If the mechanic screws up, pilot dies.
    See? None.

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