Copy this number when you’re ready

Dragging things out is not necessarily always a bad strategy. So many problems just disappear or solve themselves if you just ignore them. I think most companies’ customer support departments deploy this strategy deliberately, but it can also be used on an individual level. In fact, I think it’s a very important life skill to manage, in order not to drown in problems. The important part is though to know when NOT to use it, like when you’re facing bankruptcy or your frying pan is on fire.


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2 comments on “Copy this number when you’re ready
  1. Keith says:

    If I HEAR fiver…I will smoke you until I puke and then you’ll be going for a run.

  2. Harro says:

    Hi there,
    great strip!
    The tower controller in Hamburg told me I was past my clearance limit on a scenic flight over the city once, and he was very specific, he didn‘t give me a landline though. I admit I was a little nervous on the flight back to Uetersen (EDHE). I didn‘t have that much experience then. Nothing happened, but it made me be more careful and now since I have my instrument rating my flying has changed considerably more to the professional side, at least my guests and the one or the other FI tell me so.
    I wonder how these landline talks go, obviously not with a lot of screaming, but I think the pilot will know that he messed it up somehow. Anyone have any “experience” along those lines, 🤣One cannot run away from them, even though Chuck tried to get around it, 🤣😂
    Have a nice weekend and many happy landings.
    Harro, 😎🛩

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