Pushing in the fog

Every one of us who has ever helped pushing a bigger aircraft up a slight hill for a longer distance with a few people will have noticed that there is always that one guy who more or less just “holds on to the aircraft” instead of putting his back into it. I sincerely hope that none of you are “that guy”.

As we head into the winter months, with the days getting shorter, and most northern regions becoming cold and foggy, we thought this is the perfect strip to start this November.

It actually was invented during our last Skiing trip and is one of our personal favorites because it’s so relate-able even if you’re not in aviation. The photo shows us either seconds before or after we invented the strip. It’s a great example to show you how we come up with our ideas, just in case you might have imagined us in white lab coats inside some sort of comic laboratory …

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3 comments on “Pushing in the fog
  1. stef says:

    Sssh! Don’t tell them about our laboratory!

  2. Rick says:

    Fooled me…I thought the joke was that both of them ‘were’ pushing, just in opposite directions.

  3. CalDayton says:

    When I get the C-182 ready for skydiving I can /sometimes/ get it over the lip of the tarmac by myself if the grass is dry and the plane hasn’t settled into a pothole. Once it’s on the pavement it rolls great with just me pushing!

    Somehow I think Chuck IS “that guy” and Julio knows better than to get suckered into pushing the plane with Chuck’s “help” !

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