Screwdriver punch

This reminds me of the time when my brother cut into the muscle and tendon betwwen his thumb and index finger of his left hand. He must have been around 16 or 17 at that time and was working on his radio controlled model plane in the basement. Somehow he slipped with a cuttern knife and wham! cut himself right down to the bone. It took forever to heal. The whole situation wasn’t as funny as it looks in this comic strip though! So remember, kids: Be careful when handling tools!

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7 comments on “Screwdriver punch
  1. Rwill says:

    I’ve poked myself in the hand with screwdrivers a few times but never that bad. I sliced open my hand just below the thumb with a utility knife while trying to reupholster a 150. That got me 6 stitches, but luckily that part of the hand doesn’t move around much so I just went right back to work. I also put this tip of a blade into the same hand just below the ring finger, 3 stitches. The doc said that the knife slipped between a nerve and a tendon and a little bit in either direction and that finger wouldn’t have bent anymore. But I’ve always said leaving leave a little blood behind just shows you were working.

  2. Randall says:

    Love the line… “Tastes like chicken!!!!”

    FTR, I sliced the base of my left thumb while cutting luann sub flooring. The utility knife caught the edge of the straight edge I was using and sliced right up and over. Severed nerves and a tendon that took 8 weeks to heal and 5 years to get the feeling back in my thumb.

    Did you expect to get all these horror stories?

  3. stef says:

    That sounds almost exactly like what Mike did to his thumb, Randall. And yes! Keep the horror stories coming! It’s Halloween after all! 🙂

  4. JP Kalishek says:

    leseee … around 7 or 8 I fell on a cut Hazelnut bush (that I cut to make a path … what? You didn’t used axes and machetes at 7 & 8?) that went in like a pungie spike and a bit of flesh was hanging out. a bit of tape and gauze and I was bummed I couldn’t play kick the can.
    About the same age, maybe younger but not older, I was cutting some plastic bits off a toy snowmobile from a cereal box and slipped, cutting the tip of my right index finger to the bone (I kept my folding knife very very sharp) … more gauze.
    8 or 10, I once got my bare foot caught in the front wheel of my bike and took almost a quarter inch off the ball of the foot. Gauze again. Hop to High School, Sophomore year, metal shop, grinding on a part with a sharp washer welded to the end I am holding, the rest slipped and the wheel grabbed the shaft and gouged my palm … gauze and tape. Flash forward some more years (in my late twenties). Building a race car for dirt track, and the body was gutted with an air chizel. welding on the roll cage, I flipped up the welding helmet and bumped the back of my thumb on the roof … hmm … *looks at thumb … bends it … sees tendon with a nick on it … that’s not good* … yeah, more gauze and tape. At 38, installing a sattelite dish, I trip on some landscape while holding an open razor blade … hit my thumb (the same one from the race car build) so hard the hit hurt … a lot … wait … that was open … again look and see that the tendon was nicked but not severed … electrical tape and a fast food napkin (and a first aid kit later was put in my truck). 4 years ago I managed to stab my left hand (I’m a lefty … why was I cutting with my right hand?!?) … right in the meaty part of the web between thumb and index finger … went in nearly a half inch … had a Bandaid Compeed patch, size large, and stuck that on … worked a treat … no gauze, no tape

  5. Rick says:

    So – how does Julio know what chicken tastes like anyway….

  6. FreeFlier says:

    We had a guy at work drill a hole in his left hand . . .

    Then while explaining to the boss what he’d done, he did it again!

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