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At the pilot shop

Speaking of pilot shops, have I mentioned already that we have another book coming out shortly? Let me squeeze in yet another shameless plug about it. Support your local pilot shop or order directly from us online! You can pre-order

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Just a quick note before the actual blog: I’m at AERO in Friedrichshafen right now! I’ll be there until Saturday. Come see me! (Foyer Ost). Yes, I know I’m repeating myself. On to today’s subject: Have you ever hear of

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Great quotes

I like how Hans continuously tries to come up with clever ways to keep his employees motivated. I guess if you are cheap, you need to try to be clever. I am not all that sure he is succeeding this

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Chicken Wings Classic – Fly as if …

I don’t own a plane, but I do own a house. Well, technically, I own [(the house – the open mortgage) / 2], but although the difference to how I treated my rented apartments to how I treat my house

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