Missing headset

What is the current block rate for a Cessna 172 nowadays? Do flight schools even have block rates anymore?

I remember when I started flying, I could get a C-152 for just over 30 bucks if I paid for at least 10 hours in advance. There was one super ugly one nobody wanted. It had orange 1970’s-style seats, a faded paint job with the rivets shining through, and a bunch of duct tape holding the plastic pieces in the baggage compartment together. Everyone wanted to fly the other two C-152 with the fancy new paint job. I knew from the mechanics though, that the orange one had a new motor in it which was way stronger than the old clapped-out motors the other two had. I could care less about the aesthetics as long as it was sound mechanically.

It was a great deal for me because the ugly one was always available and I never told the other students why I kept picking it (not that they asked anyways). It was the last one to get the new fancy school paint job, and I think it never got repainted because the school eventually switched to all Cessna 172s.

If you “upgraded” into the Skyhawk, it was almost 70 bucks per hour back when. I’m thinking the price has gone up since the 1990’s …


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    Just FYI, the arrow buttons under the comic are still broken.

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