I didn’t consciously schedule this strip a couple of days after the Super Bowl last weekend, but it’s a lucky coincidence. I belong to the minority of people, though, who barely take any interest in sporting events. So the only thing I registered about the whole affair was that Taylor Swift kissed her boyfriend, who apparently is an American Handegg, I mean Football player. But the fact that I saw that, without paying any attention, is a testimony to how big of a cultural phenomenon this event is. Well, if there’s one thing Americans are good at, it’s show business! (Okay, there’s more than one thing, but you know what I mean).

Anyway, I don’t mean to diss on American Football. I get the fascination. In fact, I think Europe could learn something from the US and add some decent half time shows during soccer games!


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2 comments on “Touchdown
  1. Fred says:

    Na. We don’t need “halftime shows” in the middle of a sports event. The sport is the sport. Let’s not soil it even more with more business than it already is and with something that has nothing to do with it.

  2. Fbs says:

    And also radio communications are half duplex, not full duplex….

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