The ticket master

Poor Chuck. First the SR-71 gets retired, then the F-14 Tomcat, then the Space Shuttle in 2011, and now they cancel the Red Bull Air Races. All the really cool projects in aviation Chuck was so excited and passionate about are starting to disappear. And even newer projects he can get behind are crumbling or not exactly “taking off” yet (pun intended), like the massive “Stratolaunch” for example.
We keep making more comics about aviation adventures and aircraft getting retired than strips about new and exciting launches (yet another intended pun). It does worry me a little…

I am not exactly sure what the reasoning behind the abrupt cancellation of the Red Bull Air Races was, but I am assuming they didn’t get enough visitors and/or make enough money with it. It always comes down to money, especially in aviation. I might be part of the problem because I always enjoyed watching the races when I stumbled upon them on TV here and there. Yet I never was enough of a fan to actually go and see a race in person let alone follow the whole season. At least Chuck still has the Reno Air Races … for now.

Oh! And watch for scammers on the internet! They’re everywhere!

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3 comments on “The ticket master
  1. Bernd says:

    Yes, a real shame, I couldn’t believe it at first when I read it on reddit (that site is single big pun).

    I had been meaning to fly to Austria at least once to see the Red Bull Air Race, but never got around to it. Maybe Reno some day, but they are also struggling, as far as I can tell.

  2. Joshua says:

    Red Bull is pulling out of car racing as well. I bet this is something from corporate that has nothing to do with money but proving some new guy is “in charge.”

  3. Brennan Vilcheck says:

    Well, he could go see the massive fly over for the 75th anniversary of D-Day…
    Oh wait…

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