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Snow shoveling challenge

While this post hopefully updates automatically on Tuesday, I should be in the middle of the Austrian alps, enjoying some snow myself! And by enjoying snow, I mean skiing of course, not eating snow. Although, occasionally, I happen to eat

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Clear instructions

I hereby out myself as an old-fashioned, tech-averse geezer. I have never in my life used a navigation device to find my way. Well, directly, at least. I have relied on my wife in the passenger seat looking up an

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The snowblower is broken

Ha! We almost need to do a follow up to show what happens when Chuck actually starts the engine. Have you ever run into a situation (maybe with your teenage kids) when you were taken literally just so they can

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A Magnum P.I. chopper

Just in case you were wondering: This little story here is what happened to me as a young charter pilot pretty much exactly like we drew it. The only difference is the aircraft was a Jet Ranger. I have dealt

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