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Those are actually some pretty deep thoughts coming from Chuck for a change. I bet many of us would like to leave something behind for others to remember us by. In our case, the legacy might just be cartoon chickens …

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Boy, social media is a complicated subject. I don’t even want to open that can of worms here other than to say it somehow all seemed much more fun in the “old days”, when it all began. But maybe that’s …

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There must be a whole lot of statistical anomalies happening on Roost Air’s airport, not just the one about runway incursions. And Chuck probably has a hand in most of them. By the way, I tried to write something funny …

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What do Chuck and Harrison Ford have in common? Their cool, rugged looks, obviously! Maybe even more, who knows! But after reading this comic strip, we can deduct that Chuck doesn’t seem to fly into John Wayne Airport regularly.

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