Making an impact

Those are actually some pretty deep thoughts coming from Chuck for a change. I bet many of us would like to leave something behind for others to remember us by. In our case, the legacy might just be cartoon chickens circling the internet for a few years after we’re gone. And maybe, just maybe, Chuck showed someone what not to do and helped that pilot get better in his or her craft. But we’ll definitely settle for the occasional laugh.

Last year, my crew and helicopter were based out of an airport with a lot of student pilot traffic. There were quite a few students “making an impact” on the runway, the way Julio describes it, in the weeks we were there. Luckily nothing serious happened, but one landing gear was destroyed after one too many bounces down the runway because the student never brought the power back in. And we all know what they say about every landing you can walk away from …


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One comment on “Making an impact
  1. DeanRW says:

    That was not a good moment, Chuck, to share your deepest and most impactful philosophical questions with the world, and with Julio in particular, especially because the good mechanic has just finished to repair a busted landing gear…

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