Whoopsie! A day late! I apologize profusely! It’s summer and my whole perception of time is a little bit out of whack. Anyway. Hope you enjoy this week’s installment!

Man, I could write a whole book about Chuck’s last line. Not only do we share the same sky, but also the whole planet. But I probably can’t put it better than it has already been said by more eloquent people before me, so I’ll just try to wrap it up in a couple of sentences. Most people are awesome! If they appear differently, it’s usually just because they’re wrapped up in some personal problems or issues that we all have. It happens to the best and brightest of us. Nobody’s perfect! Apparently not even Chuck!


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2 comments on “Brotherhood
  1. J Segal says:

    Most of your comics are funny due to taking things to extremes. This one, I can see more than a few readers – myself included – with the heads nodding up and down, with at least a few stories like this. As you say, most people are awesome. But probability states that given even a nominal amount of flight time, you’ll run into “that [censored] pilot” at least once.

    There’s an excellent article in the most recent GA Magazine about this, called “Human Factors: Written vs. unwritten rules”. It’s not often that a non-accident-related ASRS report spawns a two-page article, and the comments section is worth a read perhaps more than the article itself, but the very short version is that while the magazine and the commenters are divided on who was the bigger jerk, nobody disputes the presence of at least one.

    Speaking of which, if the lower aircraft has priority on final approach, does that mean that 1. I would have priority on a 15-mile final while buzzing the treetops and golf courses and 2. would it be funny enough to make a strip out of it?

  2. DeanRW says:

    The strong pitch-down angle of the autogyro’s rotor plane, in the third panel, is frightening. Let’s hope the pilot didn’t lose his autorotation or, at least, that he had the altitude to recover. Chuck should be grounded for a very long while.

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