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Oshkosh approach

It is that time of the year again! Oshkosh Air Venture is in full swing and of course Chuck wants a piece of that action as well. Even though Chuck never misses Oshkosh, we have to sit this one out

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I’m sure many of you can relate to Jason here. I know I can, and I’m not even a pilot! But I sure know the feeling of concentrating so hard on something that at some point I start feeling the

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Flying formation with Nobu

As a layman, one of the thing that fascinates me most about flying formation is not just how close the planes can get (which is fascinating, of course), but how they manage to fly exactly the same speed. Maybe I’m

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Expedite your approach

This one came from a cockpit conversation with one my guys during our annual training at BUR airport. Nobody called themselves an expert but there was a discussion about how much of a mess this would be if we made

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